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10 Must-Have Mobile Marketing Resources Just for You

If you’re looking for mobile marketing resources, you may be overwhelmed by all the content the internet has to offer. There’s simply too much of it to keep up. Where do you even start?

Well, you found your way here, so clearly you have discerning taste. We hope to be your trusted source for all things cross-channel, so we’ve curated ten mobile marketing resources we think you’ll love.

This list includes everything from articles and reports to webinars and case studies. Some are a bit longer than others, but we’ve broken them down by length and who they benefit the most.  

Obviously, there’s a lot going on in the world right now, and we don’t expect anyone to power through all these assets in one sitting. Feel free to bookmark, or save, or Pocket, or OneTab this post so you can refer back at your convenience. You can also download this list in one, neat file. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your mobile marketing program. 

Take your time. We’ll be here.

Your Essential Mobile Marketing Resource List

1. The Inside Look at Mobile Marketing: An Iterable User Engagement Report

Read Time: 20-30 minutes

Best For: The curious minds. Marketers who are interested in seeing what other companies are doing with their mobile marketing. Anyone looking to add new channels or tactics to their program.

What’s It About: In the first research study of its kind, we immersed ourselves in the mobile customer journeys of 30 brands across six industries to see how they incorporate mobile user behavior into their cross-channel campaigns.

Read the report here.

2. Push It, Text It, Ship It: A Deep Dive into All Things Mobile Marketing

Watch Time: ~50 minutes

Best For: The conversationalists. Those who want to watch and listen rather than read. Marketers who want to learn more about industry trends in mobile marketing.

What’s It About: Iterable’s marketing experts dive deep into the User Engagement Report listed above and explore its findings. Learn about what’s driving mobile marketing today and get expert tips on making the best mobile campaigns across the customer lifecycle.

Watch the webinar here.

3. Expanding Reach Through More Channels With SeatGeek

Read Time: 3 minutes

Best For: The storytellers. Anyone who wants to understand overcoming a mobile marketing challenge from firsthand experience.

What’s It About: With a diverse audience and hundreds of events happening all over the world, leading mobile-focused ticket platform SeatGeek needed a way to reach users whenever and wherever they wanted to buy and sell tickets. This case study dives into how SeatGeek approached this challenge and what the business did to consolidate and personalize its customer journey.

Read the case study here.

4. Top 5 Strategies to Successfully Grow Your App User Base

Read Time: 7 minutes

Best For: The pragmatists. Marketers at brands with mobile apps who are looking to expand their reach to app users.

What’s It About: The app experts at Yodel Mobile stopped by the Iterable blog to provide an introduction to organic acquisition and holistic app growth, offering up key strategies to making the most of your app.

Read the post here.

5. In-App Messaging: To Infinity and Beyond

Watch Time: 20 minutes

Best For: The creative thinkers. Marketers looking to think outside the box to solve the challenges they face today. Anyone looking to start or expand their in-app messaging capabilities.

What’s It About: UpHabit founder and CEO Neil Wainwright walks you through how the company uses in-app messaging for user onboarding and engagement. By customizing the message design and using behavior-based content, they’ve seen a 718% increase in subscriber conversion. Pretty good, huh?

Watch the session here.

6. 5 Easy(ish) Ways to Increase Mobile Engagement

Watch Time: 25 minutes

Best For: The innovators. Marketers who have identified cross-channel opportunities and want to find quick tips on how to get started.

What’s It About: Boxed started as a mobile-first company and has since grown to blend cross-channel journeys to provide a seamless user experience. In this Activate 19 session, catch a few of the top learnings on how to drive mobile engagement that they’ve picked up along the way.

Watch the session here.

7. The 5 Steps for a Great Mobile Preference Center

Read Time: 6 minutes

Best For: The supporters. Marketers who love giving their users the option to customize the content they receive. Anyone who wants to make their brand’s app experience stand out.

What’s It About: Mobile preference centers put greater power in the hands of the user to personalize their brand experience. In this blog post, you’ll find five core principles that all marketers should consider when building their mobile preference centers. Be sure to check out the rest of the posts from this series for a closer look at more mobile content!

Read the post here.

8. The 3 Truths Calm Found Through Analytics and Testing

Watch Time: 27 minutes

Best For: The experimentalists. Marketers who are unsatisfied with a set-it-and-forget-it attitude. If you’re constantly looking at the numbers, tweaking and testing new ideas, this one’s for you!

What’s It About: Testing has always been a cornerstone of Calm’s growth marketing strategy. Here, Calm’s Head of Lifecycle Marketing shares how her team utilizes testing and the power of their marketing technology stack to iterate quickly and effectively.

Watch the webinar here.

9. Personalized Camping: The Dyrt Story

Read Time: 5 minutes

Best For: The recommenders. Those who want to help their audience find more products that fit their needs. Want to harness data to make a better experience? The Dyrt has a good story for you.

What’s It About: As the highest-rated camping app, The Dyrt knows each camper has preferences and needs. From pet-friendly spots to multi-day hikes, check out how The Dyrt is using Iterable’s Catalog and mobile capabilities to build out campsite recommendations via push campaigns—all while creating loyal, active users.

Read the story here.

10. An Introduction to Modern ESPs

Read Time: 20-25 minutes

Best For: The futurists. Marketers with an eye on innovation and a desire to upgrade their tech stack to one that can help them execute at scale.

What’s It About: Before you take the next step and select a growth marketing platform, it’s vital to identify your business needs. This guide provides essential questions to ask yourself during your evaluation, so you know what to look for, and why it matters.

Read the guide here.

We Want to Hear From You!

There you have it. The ten essential mobile marketing resources for every occasion. Hopefully, as you revisit this post in the days, weeks, months, years (!!) to come, you will find a new nugget of helpful information each time. 

This isn’t a one-sided conversation though. Nope, we want to hear from you about these assets and any that you might want to see. Let us know which ones you love the most on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram

And if you really loved it and want to know more about how Iterable can help you achieve mobile marketing greatness, reach out to schedule a demo.

Want to save this list of mobile marketing resources for future reference? Download the pdf version!

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