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Iterable a Rising Multichannel Marketing Hub

By now it’s been said nearly infinite times, but last year was a lot. The world changed—the ways we live and the ways we interact. As part of it, the emphasis on multichannel marketing in the midst of a digital transformation became paramount for many brands to stay afloat, let alone thrive (though it did help greatly in that regard for some). 

For marketing teams, multichannel marketing became more than just a variety of channels to communicate with customers. It became the only way, as stores shut down and people stayed at home. It became less about reaching customers where they are and more about providing a seamless, consistent experience that is personalized and relevant. 

Take food service as an example. Delivery became more than just alerts of when your food is picked up. Many services now use geofencing to send alerts and ensure your food is not only ready when you arrive, but also freshly made. 

For almost ten years, Iterable has been changing the way marketers interact with their customers and in just the last year we’ve made monumental progress in empowering marketers across the world to create memorable customer experiences. And in Gartner’s most recent “Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs” Iterable made a sizable leap in the “Niche Players” category.

The Future of Multichannel Marketing Is Human

Within the analysis of Iterable’s multichannel offerings, Gartner called out—among other things—Iterable’s extensive data integration capabilities that power highly personalized campaigns at scale. In particular, the ease of use of the Iterable platform stands out, making it simple to build out detailed workflows and customer journeys across a host of channels—including email, SMS, in-app, mobile and web push, mobile inbox, and direct mail. 

 Iterable’s customer success and support teams and community also received recognition—and deservedly so. We are fiercely proud of our customer success and support teams for their ability to connect with our customers as partners and strategists, but also as people. 

The same goes for our community of marketing and product experts who build incredible customer experiences each and every day. They bring products to their customers that solve problems, improve lifestyles and bring them joy. 

But these teams and our community go beyond just Iterable. They speak to the future of multichannel marketing: humanity. 

We are in the human-driven era of marketing where the brand-customer relationship is about more than sales and conversions. It’s about a connection, a conversation. It’s about contextualizing the customer experience at the individual level based on a person’s values, interests and lifestyle.

Iterable has made strides in the past year to make these connections between brands and their customers possible—and at scale.

Marketing to a Person, Not a Data Point

Our launch of Brand Affinity™ gives marketers the power to understand their customers at a deeper level by focusing on sentiment. Whether positive, neutral or negative, customers now can receive an experience that is more closely aligned with how they are feeling about a brand at that moment in time. 

It’s something we’ve seen our customers make great use of already and something we expect to positively impact the customer experience for years to come.

Mobile Marketing Made Easier

In our recent Spring Product Enhancements, we outlined the new ways in which we are enabling customers to connect with users via mobile, improve mobile marketing processes, and stay compliant with shifting regulations. 

With SMS Opt-Out, In-App Template Optimization, and Mobile Inbox Persistent Read State, marketers have the ability to incorporate mobile marketing in a way that benefits the user and the marketer. Processes, such as template optimization, are now more efficient and easier to implement. 
As multichannel marketing continues to evolve and grow in importance, we are working closely with our customers and community to find opportunities to enable building the perfect customer experience.

Onwards and Upwards

After a year of growth, our positioning in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs only solidifies our momentum as we continue driving innovation in customer experience for our customers and consumers as a whole. 

If brands are able to make a deeper connection with their audience members in a meaningful way, everyone will benefit. 

Thanks for reading, but our team would rather talk to you directly! Schedule a demo to chat with one of our experts about any marketing challenge you currently face. We’d love to help. 


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