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Martech Stack Partners

5 Ways We Partnered to Make Martech Stack Moves

If you thought we’d conclude 2021 without an ode to the martech stack, you’d be mistaken. You’ve heard us talk about digital transformation all year and, now that January is around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of our partnerships that helped fuel our customers’ digital transformations via a robust martech stack.

First, we should take a step back and review the elements of a martech stack. A martech stack is the collection of marketing tools your brand uses to execute your marketing strategy. Whether the tools in your arsenal are for data management, analytics, personalization, or more, the key is having these various tools communicate with one-another to create automated processes using a consistent data set.

Our partner ecosystem ensures that we’re giving our customers access to a fully fleshed out martech stack that inspires digital transformation. Let’s take a look at five partnerships that are elevating our customers’ experiences.

1. Demystified Data Management

In October of this year, Iterable announced our partnership with Snowflake to enhance our data management capabilities. With Snowflake’s Secure Data Sharing capabilities, data isn’t copied or transferred between user accounts. Iterable customers on the Snowflake Data Cloud are able to access their first-party user data directly from their Snowflake account, democratizing data while still keeping it secure.

Learn more about the Snowflake + Iterable integration

2. Amped Up Analytics

We partner with Mixpanel, a product analytics company, to combine their ability to quickly analyze and measure customer data with Iterable’s capabilities. Now, customers can automate their lifecycle marketing campaigns and then, by collecting and analyzing data on these automated campaigns, customers can quickly iterate on their existing strategies to improve the customer experience. Plus, with the cohorts feature, brands can see how their best customers are converting and weave that information back into existing campaigns. Automated processes combined with fast analyses takes the burden of manual testing off your marketing team and allows them to focus on an agile growth marketing strategy.

Learn more about the Mixpanel + Iterable integration

3. Enhanced Ecommerce

Friendbuy, a referral marketing platform, allows our customers to increase acquisition and retention by understanding the relationship between users and your brand. Whether Advocates or Friends, the Friendbuy integration captures email addresses and phone numbers through the referral program and this information can automatically get added into Iterable’s specific workflows and campaigns. We know peer-to-peer marketing is highly effective, but historically it hasn’t been easy to track how word-of-mouth marketing is spread throughout your audience. With Friendbuy and Iterable you can identify your best customers and create a customer experience tailored to them.

Learn more about the Friendbuy + Iterable integration

4. Mastered Location on Mobile

When adding mobile tools to your martech stack, location-based mobile marketing is probably one of the first features you’d look for. Us too. That’s why we partner with Radar. With Radar’s geofencing capabilities, Iterable customers can now implement real-time location-based marketing messaging by adding just a few lines of code. Localization is key when delivering relevant, consistent messaging to your customers.

Learn more about the Radar + Iterable integration

5. Celebrated Cross-Channel Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice to easily understand where users were coming from and identify valuable media sources? Yeah, we thought so too. AppsFlyer, the marketing measurement platform, can process billions of mobile actions (every day!) to clearly attribute every install to the right media source and give your marketing team a complete view on CPI, ad spend, ROI, and the end-to-end user LTV.

Based on accurate attribution data and rich in-app events performed by users, you can create automated workflows in Iterable that are triggered when certain in-app events are completed. Customers can bounce from channel to channel and your marketing team will have full visibility to create a seamless cross-channel experience by using deep linking to drive conversions and LTV.

Learn more about the AppsFlyer + Iterable integration

Make Martech Stack Moves

These five partnerships, along with a wealth of others, create a holistic view of each customer. With centralized data pulled from your data management, analytics, personalization, mobile, and email applications, your martech stack becomes a well-rounded powerhouse that takes the manual work out of understanding your customers. And this is just the beginning.

We’re excited to see what customer experience trends emerge as we head into 2022. With new trends come new martech requirements and we’re always thinking one step ahead.

To see how Iterable can consolidate your martech stack, schedule a demo today.

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