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tech industry awards 2021

Iterable’s 2021 Tech Industry Awards and Recognition Roundup

In 2021, we learned to survive (and thrive) in the midst of a pandemic. In the last 12 months, we’ve added vaccine cards to our Apple Wallets, taught our grandparents how to FaceTime, and embraced e-commerce. Technology made connection and commerce feasible in isolation.

It has been fascinating to see the acceleration of digital transformation and the proliferation of new digital business models in the last 18 months. For the Iterable team, platforms like Zoom, Slack, Miro, Workboard, and more have enabled our continued collaboration, keeping us close while remote. And for our customers—the brands and businesses all around you—our platform made the transition from in-person to online not only feasible, but profitable.

We’ve made a lot of progress this year in advancing the Iterable platform to meet the needs of our customers. It has been so rewarding to watch our customers grow and to see their customer experiences change the way consumers interact with the brands they love. That’s why, throughout the year,  we were also so pleased to receive recognition in the form of multiple tech industry awards that spanned from platform-specific wins, to celebrating our executives, to showcasing our highly-valued culture.

Tech Industry Awards and Recognition

With an ever-increasing number of companies entering the martech space, we’re proud and extremely grateful to be recognized by the below organizations. We’ve said it before and will say it again, thank you to everyone in the Iterable community for everything you’ve done this past year. Our customers, partners, stakeholders, and supporters have had an impact in helping us get to where we are now. Most importantly, every Iterable employee plays a part in making Iterable what it is today. Our culture and platform are representative of how talented our workforce is in moving technology and the future of work forward. 

Our 2021 awards and recognitions confirm our commitment to improving the customer experience for everyone, from back to front. 

Moving Forward, Together

We’re honored to receive industry recognition, and are proud of our team for doing work that is worth celebrating. From product to workplace, these awards showcase what we do, who we are, and where we’re going. They are a reminder that doing good and doing good work go hand in hand. Guided by our values, and powered by our people, we’re honored to be in a position where we can lead in a more equitable and exciting future in tech. Together.

Interested in learning more about Iterable’s award-winning team and products? Schedule a demo today!

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